Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday brought some major changes for not only our ward, but our family as well. Included in the 125 members of ward we lost to the new ward that was created, was our 2nd counselor in our Bishopric. He is now the Bishop of the new ward! But that means our ward needed a new 2nd counselor. We had an interview with the Stake President Sunday morning at 7:45 am where Brad was called to be the new 2nd counselor! Ahh! I am a little nervous about sitting by myself with the 2 kids, but I've already had a couple of invites from friends to sit with them. I know the Lord will take care of us, but it is all still very humbling and overwhelming at the same time.

I thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures of our recent activity. While I'm feeding Kate and can't do anything else, Daylen wants me to kick his baseball to him so he can hit it with the bat. It works out nicely and he's getting a pretty good swing!


Brad and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this last Friday by going to the Tim McGraw concert at the Usana Ampitheater, and it was awesome!

We had so much fun, it was the best concert we have ever been to. I was a little nervous about leaving Kate so soon, but Rachel did great! She even let me borrow her cowboy hat for the special occasion, aren't sisters great?
Jason Aldean opened for Tim, and I'll admit I wasn't too excited for that part, the only song I knew he sang was one I didn't like. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! He actually has quite a few songs out on the radio and I like a lot of them, just not the one I kept hearing. He did an awesome job as well getting everyone hyped up for Tim.
Is it Tim McGraw or is it not Tim McGraw? A couple of times while Jason Aldean was singing we saw a huge crowd congragate to the left of the stage area and we could see a man in a black cowboy hat and shirt taking pictures with people and signing items. Everyone was saying, "It's Tim McGraw!" Well, the first time we saw this happen we were bummed we weren't down there, so the second time it happened we decided to hurry down to get a closer look and hopefully a picture. Well, getting a closer look told us, this was NOT Tim McGraw, it was a look alike! The funny thing was all these people thought it was Tim and were taking pictures with him, and by the look on his face he thinks it's a pretty funny joke. We were wondering if he travels with Tim to make a scene at all his concerts.
The REAL Tim McGraw is ripped, and he was wearing a WHITE shirt. He is such a great entertainer, it was so fun to dance and sing along with all his songs. He has so many good ones that it's impossible to sing them all, but he sang a lot of good ones. He also sang about 4 new songs that will be coming out on his next album they've been working on this past winter. **sigh** what a great night!

Here is my cute, little cowboy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

ward party

We had our last party as a ward last night at the Spanish Fork Aquatic Center. A third ward will be made between our ward and the Spanish Fields ward who we split from last year. The turnout was great, we had dinner then swimming. Although the water was pretty cold Daylen LOVED it! We haven't done a whole lot of swimming, but I think we need to do more. Brad and Daylen did the swimming while I kept Kate dry. :)

Brad took Daylen down the slide with him intending to hold him up as he landed at the bottom to keep his head above water as you can see him beginning to do in this picture. After I took the picture and put the camera down I see Daylen floating face down in the water! Brad was also under water without a hold on Daylen. Luckily there was a lifeguard standing at the bottom in the water so he grabbed Daylen and pulled him out. It was only for a couple of seconds, but that was the scariest sight I think I have ever seen. He was just fine, Brad had lost his footing as he landed at the bottom and just couldn't keep a hold of Daylen. Daylen didn't even think anything of it, he wanted to go down the slide again! He was so cold by this point though, shivering uncontrolably, we decided it was probably time to go home. In his shivering voice, Daylen kept saying, "water, water, again, again, slide, water, again!"

So Brad and I had our 4th anniversary last week, on the 19th. We had been so caught up with having Kate that we both kind of forgot about it. Well, Brad, being the wonderful husband he is, brought me Bajio for lunch and a card. In the card he asked me if I would be his date for the TIM McGRAW CONCERT next week! Which is tonight! Uh, YAH! So we are going to Tim McGraw tonight and I am so excited! Rachel is kind enough to babysit for us. I had to make sure Kate would take a bottle, which she did readily, so now I'm just trying to pump enough for her while we are gone, plus feed her and keep her satisfied. It's been a bit of a challenge today.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

kate's church debut

At 2 weeks old Kate went to church today for the first time. She did great, just slept. I had so much fun getting her ready. I think her hair has a little bit of a natural curl and so I put a little gel on top to bring it out more and of course she had to have a bow, and her dress is so dang cute! I brought her downstairs and said to Brad, "look how beautiful your daughter is!" He agreed with me. She is so precious, we just love her so much.
Daylen loves his little sister, he has to give her about 500 kisses a day at least. He'll come up to her and say, "Hi Kate!" over and over and over. He seems to get older and more independent every day. He has to buckle his own seat belt in the car and in his stroller, and his vocabulary is growing like crazy. I've heard people say before that they were worried about having a second child because they didn't know how they could love another child as much or have enough love for 2. Well, I've been amazed at how much more love I have felt since having Kate. Not only do I love her, but I have felt my love for Daylen grow even more than what it was before. Children have this amazing ability to make our hearts grow bigger and feel more love than we ever thought was imaginable.
Grandma Goodwin bought Daylen a basketball hoop while she was here and he has absolutely LOVED playing with it. He has been working on his shot and trying it from farther distances. Thanks Grandma!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

week one...

We have successfully survived week one of being the parents to not 1 but 2 beautiful children. (Thanks mom!) It's been a pretty busy week actually, here are a few of our happenings...So far Daylen loves being a big brother, he loves to hold Kate, or lay on the floor with her.

Kate loves her binky, here she hanging on for dear life as she sucks away.

Daylen has decided he is a big boy and will refuse to sit in his high chair. He also refused to let us scoot his chair in close to the table so he is reaching pretty far to eat his lunch.

A little daddy daughter time.
Brad played in a fundraiser celebrity softball game put on by the American Red Cross. There were 6 retired Major League Baseball players in attendence. Here, he is pictured with Vern Law, who won the Cy Young Award (award for the best pitcher in baseball) with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960. Vern was the pitcher for Brad's team.
Daylen has been helping grandma get lots of exercise while she's here. I'm afraid he's beginning to forget who his mommy is, he's always wanting grandma now.

Being cool in Uncle Tyler's sunglasses.

Taking a nice Sunday ride on Tyler and Rachel's scooter, Daylen loved it, he didn't want to get off.

Check back next week to see how well we survive after my mom goes home...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Announcing Kate Lanette Gasaway!

Well, I accomplished everything on my list of 5 things to do from my tag on Friday. I was as comfortably settled in bed as I could be being so pregnant that night and at about 11:20 PM my water broke! I called Rachel and asked if she and Tyler could come spend the night here to take care of Daylen, so as soon as they got here we took off for the hospital. We did have time while we were waiting to leave to take one more picture, so here I am as pregnant as I was going to get this time around. We got to the hospital just after midnight and Kate was born at 3:13 AM! It was a pretty fast labor and delivery overall, which I am grateful for. She was 7 lbs even and 19 inches long. She has a massive amount of hair, I think she has more than Daylen has right now. She is an absolute cutie, but I may be biased. She has her Grandma Gasaway's nose, we still are waiting for our red head. We are all doing great, baby is healthy and I am feeling so much better now than I did after having Daylen. I feel so much more energized and I can actually walk at a mornal speed without getting winded. I was ready to come home last night, but it hadn't even been 24 hours yet, so we got to come home about 12:30 this afternoon. It's so nice to be home and not cooped up in a small hospital room. Here are some pictures of our new little bundle of joy!