Monday, October 29, 2007


Our ward had a Trunk-or-Treat this last Saturday and Daylen looked so cute in his wizard costume, as you can see. He had so much fun running around the parking lot laughing. He looked so much faster with his robe billowing behind him. He even won a prize for being "so dang cute!" I was Pippylongstocking and Brad a sunburned tourist, nothing too exciting but we had fun dressing up as well.


Emily said...

Jana Daylen is so adorable. You guys seriously went all out for Halloween we were totally lame! I'm so glad you started a blog!

Natalie said...

Jana! Hello! It's been too long! I'm glad you started a blog (i'll bookmark it). Did you see mine?! You all look so cute! How fun! We need to get Hannah and Daylen together again. Isn't it great to be a mom?!
-Natalie Roach

Brown Fam said...

Daylen is so stinkin cute! He can cast spells on me anytime he wants! Jana you make an awesome Pippy Longstalking...and Brad, I didn't know you could sunburn! We sure can't wait to see you guys, December is just right around the corner. Hopefully Ivan will be walking by the time we see you so Daylen and him can wrestle and play together.