Monday, April 4, 2011

Pretty Toes!

While I was putting Brooks to bed tonight, Daylen cracked open the door to tell me Kate wanted her toes painted. I told him she will have to wait a minute cause I'm feeding Brooks and putting him to bed. Once Brooks was down, I went to see what Daylen and Kate were doing in my bathroom. I was a little nervous because of my previous post, and Kate has busted a bottle of finger nail polish in the past. (So not fun to clean up!)

Well, thankfully no fingernail polish was on the floor, I found this instead...

I can just see it now, "Kate, mom can't paint your toes cause she's putting Brooks in bed. But don't worry, I can do it!"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kate's Conference Contributions

After Daylen's inspiring Conference post, I figure I better add one for Kate. During the afternoon session of Conference today I suddenly realized it was very quiet and Kate was no where in sight. Nice for us watching Conference, but a scary thought for whatever part of the house Kate is in. I asked Daylen to go tell Kate to come upstairs with us. When she came up I asked her where she had been and what she was doing. She answered, "playing with flour in your bathroom." What? I was not excited to find out what that meant. After Conference was over I headed downstairs to find out what my little mischevious child had gotten in to this time. I found this...

It was not flour, it was salt and my makeup brush. All over the floor and into the carpet. Really? Really Kate? Seriously what makes kids come up with some of the things they do? As Brad said last week after Daylen wrote with a permanent marker on our van window, "What are you thinking? Why would you do that?" When it comes to kids there really is no answer I guess. You just gotta chalk it up for one more thing to laugh about later. And really, with hair like this, what else can you expect?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daylen's "notes"

So it's General Conference Weekend again. Love it. Can't believe it's been 6 months already since the last one. As we sat in our family room this morning to watch it on TV (love it) Daylen had a notebook and pen, he and Kate love drawing and writing in notebooks. Brad told Daylen he needed to go get his notebook, too, and Day asked him what he was going to draw in it. So Brad told him he was going to take notes. Partway through the session Brad asked Daylen what his drawing was, Daylen informed him it was his "notes."

I was so impressed when I saw this!

He recognized the song "I know My Redeemer Lives" when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang it cause they learned it in Primary last year, he informed Brad his notes were of this song.

Musical prodigy?



Ok. But still.