Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day in Utah. A beautiful day to celebrate our Savior and all He has done for us. I love this time of year where everything is coming to life again, a true symbol of our Savior that He lives! After church we went over to my Aunt LuAnn's house in Springville for dinner with family and an Easter egg hunt for the "kids." Daylen grasped the concept of finding eggs and putting them in his basket very quickly and had a lot of fun.

This last week I finally got all the equipment I needed to put our home videos onto the computer so I've been working on getting the footage somewhat edited and burned onto DVDs. I made up a couple of clips to post of Daylen's egg hunting, but it takes FOREVER to upload and so far I haven't been successful. I will keep trying so hopefully I will have video footage on my blog soon!

Daylen is obsessed with balls and he loved being able to dunk the basketball with the help of daddy.
He wasn't too happy when the big kids took over the hoop with bump, but luckily....
....there was a Daylen size hoop in the garage where he could dunk the ball all by himself!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beautiful Days + a Cute Boy = HAPPINESS

We've been able to play outside the last couple of days and it has been wonderful! We went for a walk this morning with our friends, Janell and Rylan, and it felt so good to get out and walk in the morning again! We got this hat for Daylen a couple of weeks ago and I think he looks so cute in it, so grown up. So of course I had to take some pictures of him in it.

The other day during lunch Daylen started hiding his grapes from himself and saying. "where go?"

He would cross his hand with the grape behind the other, then he would show it and say "there it is!" and eat it. I watched this for a minute before thinking I should grab the camera and get some pictures of this.
Here he is showing me his grape while he eats it if you can't tell. He is such a silly boy, he makes me laugh. It's been fun to watch him this last month especially, he is learning so much!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

6 Months

It's that time of the month again. Here I am at 6 months, but again I say, pictures do me good. I really do look bigger than this in real life, just ask Brad. I still feel pretty good for the most part, I feel like I have good energy most of the time. Rachel came over again today and helped me do more spring cleaning. We got the rest of my kitchen cupboards cleaned, the drawers, my freezer, and dusted everything in the entire house. My last big project will be to shampoo my carpets, oh and the garage, but that will wait until warmer weather and Brad's help. I wanted to get all the cleaning out of the way so I can start on my projects for baby Kate. I think I will enjoy working on them more if I don't have thoughts of cleaning lingering over my head. I'm getting excited to start putting her room together!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning

So with the BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having these last few days I decided it was time to start my SPRING cleaning! So far, with the help of my sister Rachel on Monday, I have cleaned all the blinds, windows, window tracks, window seals, doors, floor boards, and cleaned out the bottom cupboards of my kitchen, including under the sink. (Ew gross!) It is so refreshing! Luckily my sister is coming back tomorrow to help me again cause I need a little motivating boost to keep crossing off my LIST!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


This past Wednesday night was the first annual UV50, which consists of the top 25 fastest growing companies in Utah Valley, 15 top revenue, and 10 up and coming companies to watch for. Namifiers was honored as the 18th fastest growing company in Utah, go Namifiers! I went with Brad along with 2 account executives and their wives to represent. It was a really fun evening, dinner was catered by Tucanos, yum! For those of you who have seen Jason Hewlett in action you know the entertainment was awesome! He does musical impressions, I have not laughed that hard for a long time. Then, the awards part was quick and to the point, which is what I like. We left Daylen with his first real babysitter besides family or an adult. She is a young woman in our ward, I think she's 13, and he did great! She did too, of course! We'll have to try and get her more often, although in this ward you have to book a babysitter way in advance. The supply vs. demand is way out of balance.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

There's no place like home...

We had a great trip to Las Vegas this last week, but as nice as it is to get away, it's always so much nicer to come home! We left Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM, ugh! We got to Vegas in time to start setting up for the trade show. As soon as we got all the stuff in the booth, the boss's wife, Jenny, who is also pregnant, asked me if I wanted to go get a massage with her. Uh...let me think about this one...yah! It was my first massage and it was so relaxing! We had a lovely relaxful afternoon while everyone else got to set up the booth. I guess there are perks to being pregnant. That night, as is tradition with trade shows, we went to a 5 star Steakhouse for dinner to get a jump start of motivation to work hard. Yummy! Wednsesday morning 10:00 am was the beginning of the 3 day ARA Trade Show. Here we are getting last minute things ready in our booth before everyone comes.

The show was a big success for us and probably the funnest one I've been to yet. The time went by really fast for me because I was just entering in the new orders that came in. They were sure to take care of me since I'm pregnant. I got to sit at the labtop and remote in to the system at work to take care of the orders we took so it wasn't such an overwhelming job when we got back. Good thing I used to work there and new how to use the system.

We started a new tradition last year of going to a show while we are there. This year we saw a magic show, Steve Wyrick. It was amazing, it was fun to try and figure out how he might be doing some of his tricks, but others still have us baffled. Like his big finale, he made a jet appear on stage in seconds! There is no trap door for that and it was literally seconds and there it was! No idea. I kept thinking about the movie, "The Prestige" while I was watching the show. Seen the movie? We all got our pictures taken with him after the show, so here is Brad, Steve, and I.

The Monday morning before we left for Vegas Daylen was pretty whiny and it just didn't seem like he was feeling all that great. I was trying to get all of my last minute things done before picking my mom up at the airport, so I put on Daylen's Nursery Rhyme DVD that he has recently come to love, thanks again mom! Then I went up to shower and get ready real quick and when I came back downstairs this is what I found. Luckily he hasn't gotten the nasty flu that's going around, he just needed a little more sleep still. He had a great time with grandma and aunt Rachel while we were gone. I was very anxious to see him again by the end of our trip and just glad to be HOME!