Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Late Thanksgiving...and a little something more

What a wonderful time of year this is. We just back last night from a Thanksgiving trip to Cauldwell, Idaho where my sister lives. My whole family was there together as well as my brother-in-law's parents. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, a relaxful afternoon, then witnessed the special experience of blessing my newest niece Kayla. Then to top it off enjoyed some delicious pie afterwards. What a great day! It's my favorite meal of the whole year, anyone who knows me well knows I love food, and all my favorites we get to have on Thanksgiving. Daylen had a fun time playing with grandma and grandpa, aunts, and cousins, at least most of the time.

We have a lot to be thankful for in our little family, not only is Daylen the cutest boy we could have asked for, but he will not long be the only bundle of joy in our life. He will get the opportunity this next June of becoming a big brother! We are very excited and are trying to explain it to Daylen, but he doesn't get it. He would get a little jealous when he saw his mommy holding his baby cousin so hopefully he'll grow out of that in the next few months. We just wanted to share our happy news with all our friends!
Here is Daylen and Lily jumping on her trampoline together. He got the hang of it pretty quick!

Daylen with Aunt Rachel.
Daylen developing his artistic talent. He loves to draw or scribble rather with paper and crayons.
We all took pictures by Jamie's Christmas tree before we left Sunday. That was fun trying to take one of the whole family and get all the kids to look at the same time.


Emily said...

AHHHHHHH!! Congratulations! That is so so so exciting. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm jealous. Crazy how a few months can change things. It's too bad that we didn't hang around in Utah for very would have been fun to have our kids play together and i just bet our husbands would get along! :-)