Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Party Time!

Christmas time is my favorite time of year, not only is it a time of giving and kindness and's party time! There are always so many different parties to go to and it all started last night for us. We had our annual work Christmas party for Namifiers, the company Brad works for and I did as well up until I had Daylen. They have to keep out doing themselves every year which is great for the employees. This year it was at Tucanos, a Brazilian restaurant in the Riverwoods mall, all the meat and salad bar you can eat. For anyone who hasn't been there they constantly bring around all different kinds of meat on spickets and if you want to try some they cut you off a piece. You have a little green light red light wooden something that you keep on green if you want more and if you need a break just turn it over to red until you're ready for more. Let's just say it was a LOT of meat.

Anyways, once everyone had pretty much had as much as they could eat the prize drawing began. Namifiers gave away $15,000 worth of prizes, every employee got something. I think the smallest prizes were $50 gift certificates to either Walmart or Provo Towne Center, there were also $100, $150, and $200 gift cards, Ipods, Ipod nanos, digital cameras, HD radios, a desktop, and the grand prize....a 50 inch plasma television!! Holy cow! Unfortunately we weren't elegible to be entered in to the drawing, but it's fun to see the employees get excited about it. (Don't you wish things were this big when we worked there, Emily?) It was a fun night.

As for coming up parties, tomorrow night we (as in Namifiers) were invited to the Republican Christmas party at Mitt Romney's Cabin in Park City so Brad and I are representing the company there, Saturday is our Ward Christmas party, then Monday the 17th we are having a Executive Christmas Party, my sister-in-law, Mandy, is graduating from BYU-I so we are going to party hardy in celebration in Island Park, and then there is Christmas itself of course, always a party then! Whew! I hope I don't get partied out....nah! So much to look forward to, I'm getting all excited just writing about everything. I hope all your holidays are just as much or more fun filled!


Natalie said...

Party, party, party! Wow. We love Tucano (but only go when we have a buy one get one free). The Mitt Romney party should be a neat experience... I'm jealous.

And yes, you've been tagged... you can share any 6 things about yourself! Have fun!