Tuesday, April 22, 2008

together again...catching up

Brad was in China with the camera when I passed my 7 month mark, so I couldn't take a picture. Here I am a little over a week later, still growing! I've developed a pregnancy pain in my right hip area this time which isn't so fun. The nurse gave me some stretches to do which seem to be helping so far. It just hurts to walk.

Daylen was playing outside yesterday with a couple of his balls and when I went to check on him I found him like this trying to reach one of this balls.

I just thought he looked so cute and peaceful here.

So Brad was in China all last week, with our camera, so not only was I lonely without him, but I couldn't blog without new pictures! Nor did I really want to say Brad was gone on my blog while he was gone. He left Friday the 11th and got back Friday the 18th, which was a day earlier than planned. He went with his boss to scope out the world trade show, find suppliers, get cheaper pricing for different items, stuff like that. They had a productive trip, but were ready to come home, thankfully a day early even! I got to talk to him a couple of times a day usually via web cam. Funny how when I was waking up he was getting ready for bed, then in my late afternoon he was just getting up. I talked my sister, Rachel, into spending a couple of nights with me, and then my other sister, Jamie, came last Wednesday with her 3 kids to keep Daylen and I company, thanks again Jame! So we were able to bare the solitude a little better. Here are a couple of pictures from Brad's adventure. This first one is of Brad at the airport.

Brad with his boss, Bryan, at some park.
This is the view outside their hotel room, Brad said the air was always smoggy, they only saw the sun a couple of times. With 20 million people in the city was do you expect?

These are the lines at a McDonalds near their Hotel. Holy cow!
This is just one of the locations where this massive Trade Show was taking place. Brad did a LOT of walking. He and Bryan treated themselves to foot massages at the end of the day.
It was definitely an adventure, Brad tried foods he would be happy never having to try again, one of them being jellyfish. He had a good time overall, but is glad to be home and I think his body is finally adjusted from the jet lag. Daylen and I are especially glad to have him home again with us, we love you Brad!


Keri said...

What a long week that must have been! Randy was gone for 4 days last week and that was long enough for me. Cool that he got to go to China, though! You're still looking great with your pregnancy. Hope those stretches help you feel better!

Janell said...

Yes, keep doing those exercises! I miss my walking buddy :) I still thinks it's cool that Brad got to go to China. Although I admit, I'm not big on trying new foods (especially jellyfish!). I'd be standing in those McDonald's lines for anything close to American food!!

Natalie said...

Sorry I missed that book party. It would have been fun!(check out my blog and you'll see why...)

Cute pictures. Aren't you so glad its warming up! Hannah loves to play outside.

Sorry about your pain... that doesn't sound fun at all. Good luck!

Perkins Family said...

Fun stuff. We were glad to come and liven things up a little! There's never a dull moment with three kids. :)

The Chizel Family said...

thats a crazy long line at mcdonalds! Your tummy is so cute

Brown Fam said...

i used to think China was a place that I'd like to visit...but I think I'd be too afraid to eat the food after seeing the picture of mcdonalds and hearing different stories. Ty will be happy...I'm scratching one foriegn place off of my list of places to vist.