Saturday, May 31, 2008

adventures at the hogal zoo!

We got to take a family trip to the Hogal Zoo this morning. We were originally planning on going the morning of Memorial Day, but the rain spoiled that idea real fast. I was so bummed, I'd been looking forward to a fun outing, and we wanted to take Daylen on a fun little trip before the baby comes. This morning was beautiful, we got there right when they opened so it wasn't crowded at all until we were ready to leave. It was nice to feel like we had the zoo almost all to ourselves. Daylen had a great time watching the animals and naming them. There have been a few last minute things I've wanted to get done before the baby comes, getting my hair cut and going to the zoo were 2 of them. So now I'm feeling more ready to just get Kate here with us. Brad predicts June 5th, so we'll see if she comes this coming Thursday! Brad and I also went on probably our last date until after the baby comes, we went and saw the new "Indiana Jones" movie, so good by the way. (Thanks again Janell for watching Daylen!) The countdown has begun...

Daylen was tuckered out by the time we left, we barely had left the zoo when I turned around and saw this...

Sunday, May 25, 2008


We had a major milestone at church today. Daylen finally stayed in nursery the whole time all by himself! I was able to attend Brad's gospel doctrine class for longer than 10 minutes and he gave a fabulous lesson. He is such a great teacher, I've been excited to go ever since he was called and I was released from primary, but then Daylen would freak out every time I left him. Then I got to go to all of Relief Society which was fabulous as well. Church was just altogether such a great and uplifting experience today for me, I loved it! I just hope this is only the beginning of what I have to look forward to. Hopefully Daylen will continue to stay and today wasn't just a fluke thing. All I have to say is Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

every day fun...or work...

We finally got our garden all prepared a couple of weeks ago and I got most of it planted last Saturday morning. Daylen loved digging in the dirt and "helping."
We all know how much Daylen loves to play with balls. We were playing catch last week and he has great form already! I wanted to try and capture it in a picture, but it was difficult once Daylen saw the camera. This is the best I could do.
After he throws he likes to pose if he's in a silly mood. He has some great ones, but once again he got a little distracted by the camera.
We have had some beautiful days lately, except for today, rain rain rain, so we've taken lots of walks to the park to play. Daylen really does enjoy the swing more than he is letting on in this picture.
Just a quick update on me. I went to the doctor on Monday and they checked to see if anything was starting to happen yet, and it is! I am 60 % efaced (sp?) and dialated to a "1 and a wiggle" as my doctor put it. So we'll see if there is progress from here when I go back next week, but we are getting very excited for Kate to come!