Sunday, July 13, 2008

family fun!

We have had an exciting, busy, fun filled week with lots of family. We've been planning on blessing Kate over the 4th of July weekend for some time now so it would be easier for our families to come share this special experience with us. This 4th of July weekend has strengthened my testimony that the Lord knows each of us personally and is aware of our needs. With Brad's new calling, the timing of his family being here made it possible for his dad to ordain him a High Priest. What a blessing it was for Brad to have his dad here all the way from Alaska at just the right weekend that he could perform this sacred ordination.

You'll have to bare with me now, we took so many pictures in such a short amount of time it was hard to pick which ones to post, and believe me this is a very small portion of all our pictures. Here is how our last week played out:

Friday: Everyone showed up. We had the great blessing of having both of our families here with us. Here is Daylen and his cousin, Ivan, welcoming Grandpa Gasaway to Utah. We had a barbaque at our house, followed by the traditional Gasaway homerun derby at the nearby sports park. My family has been able to participate in a few of these now with the Gasaways, and we LOVE it! Brad's older brother Randy makes this all possible with his fabulous pitching skills, thanks Randy for sacrificing your arm all in the name of FUN!

Saturday: We enjoyed a nice, HOT day at Lagoon. We had to cool off at Lagoona beach in the afternoon, but everyone seemed to have a good time despite the heat.
Sunday: Brad had a busy day, he was ordained a High Priest and set apart as 2nd couselor in the Bishopric that morning. Bishop informed him the week before that July was his month to conduct, so his 1st Sunday he not only conducted the meeting, but blessed our sweet, little Kate as well. It was a wonderful blessing, and we are so thankful to all our family for coming and sharing this experience with us! After church we all congregated at my Aunt LuAnn's beautiful home in Springville for a delicious, homemade Cafe Rio luncheon, which tasted just like Cafe Rio, yummy! Thanks LuAnn for opening up your home, you are the best!

Wow, our family is sure growing, my mom and dad with their 5 grandkids now.

The Gasaway grandkids minus Brad's oldest brother, Chad's 3 boys, they couldn't make it from Alaska.

Monday: The boys got an early start with a 6:40 AM tee time. Brad's new hobby is golf so he wanted to take his dad and brothers golfing while they were all together. Sounds like they had a wonderful time! That evening for family night we went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. The kids had a great time seeing all the fish and petting the sting rays.

I just had to add this picture. I am wearing Kate in my sling and she is asleep with her little feet hanging out so I couldn't help but snap a picture.

Tuesday: Grandpa Gasaway took all the boys fishing, except Daylen who was sick for the day. They went to the Trout Farm in Payson and everyone caught a fish!

I just thought I'd add these couple of pictures. Here is Kate staring at her cousin, Garret.

And staring at Grandpa Gasaway, she is getting more alert every day.

Wednesday: Brad took his parents, my parents, and myself with him to the Springville Chamber luncheon where LaVell Edwards was speaking. We got to talk with him briefly before hand and snap a couple of pictures. They all really enjoyed this, my dad said he could listen to LaVell speak all day!

This was the last day for Brad's family, his parents were the last to leave us that afternoon. My family stayed for the rest of the week while my sister, Lori, was attending EFY at BYU. I realize now I didn't take any pictures the rest of the week. Thursday we went shopping, Friday my mom was fabulous enough to help me shampoo my carpets, ok she mostly did all the work with my dad helping by dumping out all the dirty water and adding the clean, then I took my youngest sister, Kara, her friend, Ashley, and Daylen to the Spanish Fork pool while Kate stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. Saturday morning my parents picked up Lori and her friends and we all met at Denny's for breakfast before they got on the road to head back to Washington. It was a fun, crazy, emotional week...we LOVE our families and are so glad they could come visit us!


Keri said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a busy, wonderful time with your families! How neat that Brad's dad could be there to ordain him, too.

Janell said...

Whew! You guys were able to fit a lot in while everyone was here. It all sounds like so much fun. And the pictures you posted are great!

Jamie said...

Wow what a fun week! Oh, wait I was there for part of it. It was fun! I love the new layout.

Brown Family said...

You did so awesome selecting pictures!!! It was fun to have everyone together, a little crazy, but absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for opening up your home and letting us destroy it for a few days. As usuall, you were an excellent host! Did we really do all of those things? I love it...just wish we could get together like that a little more frequently.

Tammy said...

cute pictures. You could have more pictures if you put them on I love that. Or put it in a picture collage. I love having family around, it's so fun

Natalie said...

Looks like you guys have sure been busy! Congratulations on Brad's ordination and Kate's blessing!