Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's tradition to set up our Christmas tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving (if we're in town). Daylen had a lot of fun "helping" set up and decorate the tree. Unfortunately he likes to continue to "help" even though the tree is all up and finished. I feel like a broken record, "Daylen, don't touch the tree. Daylen, don't touch the tree. Daylen stay away from the tree!" After the tree was all set up he had fun just laying underneath is looking up at the lights. Do all kids love that? I remember doing that as a girl too! So cute huh?

I absolutely love having our tree set up and enjoying the twinkling of the lights at night. It makes the atmosphere simply pleasant, and when I can smell the holiday scent burning in my Scentsy candle it just makes it all more sweeter.
Here's a smile for you from my favorite girl!


Becky said...

fun!! we have the same tradition. We like to put presents under the tree too, but I'm thinking we won't be doing that this year. :) I want them to stay wrapped. I never did the laying under the tree!! We'll have to try that today.

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Those are great pictures of your kids! I think I even still like lying down by the tree and staring up at the lights.. or maybe it is just the lying down that feels so great!!

Hupp Family said...

I too am a brocken record. My kids love to re-decorate our tree through out the day. What a great tree.

See That Crazy Family said...

po box 5893, boise, id 83705. I love the picture of Dylan looking up the tree, it's too cute.