Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food Storage!

Brad and I have been slowly building up our food storage over the past 4 years or so, and with Maceys last caselot sale we once again made some additions. I bought a bunch of empty buckets to put our bags of food in for organization, longer shelf life, and rodent protection. It sure seems like we have a lot of food, but when I actually did the counting of pounds and compared it to how much we need for our family for a years supply I was kinda bummed to find we still have a ways to go.
Daylen had fun scooping rice from one bowl to the next while I washed buckets and transferred food in to them. It kept him entertained for quite some time.

We gotta make sure she is properly stored so she will last a LONG time!

If you haven't heard about gamma lids yet, let me tell you they are AWESOME! They are a great storage lid that gives you an airtight seal, but is easy to remove so you can use the food in your bucket while keeping it good for a long time. They are just a little hard to put on the first time. There is an outside rim, which took my whole weight to put on, then the inside just twists on. I love them!

I just wish my pantry was bigger!

We really need more shelves in our garage. We have a stack of buckets to the side as well.

Water, water, water! We still need more!!

Thanks to Jamie I have felt more of the food storage bug, and the homemaking bug. Since Christmas I have been grinding my own wheat and making bread. I don't know what took me so long to start doing this, the hardest part was just getting my wheat grinder out to actually use it. It is so EASY! Homemade bread tastes so much better than store bought and it is more healthy. Of course I couldn't do it without my bosch, bosch does most of the work and I can enjoy yummy bread in no time at all!
Next task...homemade laundry joke.


faith said...

jana, that's awesome. good for you for all your hard work. we're trying to add to ours little by little and i'm planning on bringing a bunch of buckets home from macey's when we go out to utah this summer!

Greg and Julie said...

Our food storage looks like a twin of yours, except we don't have the water yet. Do you have to do anything special before you close the big blue container? And the secret to the gamma lid rim is a rubber mallet, takes a nano second. Glad to see your food storage looking filled. Can you share your bread recipe with us? and I am curious to see how your laundry soap turns out. LEt us know.
Greg and Julie See

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Wow! And I thought I was doing good with my food storage.. yeah right!! Where do I find a Maceys place to go get those good buckets and lids? Do you know a good recipe for the homemade laundry soap? And what is your bread recipe? We have a wheat grinder too but we have never gotten it out of the box. By the way, I LOVE Daylen's big smile in the fist picture!

Emily said...

wow! i am totally jealous! looks like you have a great start. I am really looking forward to owning a home so I can have room to store food. And your bread looks delicious! Can i have your recipe? I make my bread too and I am always looking for new recipes.

Becky said...

How great is that!!!

Jamie said...

Wow, you must have one great sister to get you going on all that. . . :)

Hupp Family said...

Way to go Jana!!!