Friday, June 5, 2009

Naptime anyone?

From reading everyone else's blogs who have toddlers it seems like we are all in that same stage of life. To nap or not to nap? Daylen has been going through stages where sometimes it works out for him to nap every day in his bed, and sometimes it just doesn't.Sometimes when he naps he still goes to bed at a decent hour, and sometimes he does not. It's those sometimes does not days that I wonder if his nap earlier was worth it. Then tomorrow comes and he's acting crankyor tired and I think, "yes the nap is worth it!" Until that night. I miss the days of7:00 bedtime. Now if he's in bed by 8:00 I think that's good. Lately it's been 8:30, sometimes9:00 and I just feel like I have no time at night for myself on those nights.I just have to have some kid free time to rejuvinate myself.
So if we can make it through the day without a nap, great. Unfortunately, some days when we try he ends up falling asleep in odd places too late in the afternoon. Such a funstage. Wouldn't you all agree? :)So tonight I think Brad and I will just go on a date and let the babysitterput him to bed. He does really well for her.


Brown Family said...

You nailed it...I have that dilemma on occasion too! I love 2 year olds!