Monday, September 14, 2009


(I couldn't get him to look at the camera, he wanted to look at himself.)
Guess who is potty trained!!
DAYLEN! Give him a hip hip hurray!
I kept saying I would potty train Daylen after we moved.
Well, we moved so I was out of excuses.
The hardest part was convincing him to wear underwear.
For the first 2 weeks he would pee almost every time
in the toilet,but he refused to poop.
He wanted his diaper for that.
I finally convinced him we were out of diapers
so if he wanted to go play at the park he
had to put underwear on.
That did it.
This was Labor Day, and he's been in
underwear ever since.
He had a couple of poop accidents,
but I blame that on the diarrhea.
He has never wet the bed, never had a wet accident.
It's been 1 week and now he even goes
by himself without even telling me!
He's been awesome.
Yeah for having only 1 in diapers!

Little Miss Kater keeps us laughing.
She loves to eat and has resorted to licking her plate clean.
She also drinks everything out of her bowl because its
just easier than using a fork or spoon!


Miriam said...

Congrats Daylen! Isn't it so nice only having on in diapers? Connor just got potty trained to and I am loving it.

Janell said...

Oh yeah!!! Way to go Daylen (and mommy!). Isn't it great? I wonder why I didn't do it earlier! And that pic of Kate licking her plate is cute :)
Yes, we for sure want to come over! This week we're good for Thursday afternoon or any day next week (well, other than monday). with asher's nap afternoons are best for us. anyways, let me know why you guys have going on.

Hupp Family said...

Yeah!!!! Always a good day!

Candice and Peter said...

Jana, your kids are beautiful. Congrats on your new home. I am happy that life is going so well for you. Tell your parents hi from me.

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Congrats on potty training Daylen!! And Kate is just too cute. That is awesome that she is such a good eater. :)