Monday, November 30, 2009

Helpful Kate

This is just a cute picture of the kids hugging each other before we headed over to my aunt's house in Springville for a SUPER YUMMY Thanksgiving dinner! I love it when they give each other hugs or walk around the house holding hands.
Remember how in my last post I said how Kate loves to be helpful? Here is one way she helps out. Unloading the silverware from the dishwasher is Daylen's job. As soon I say "Daylen, it's time to do your job." Kate comes running to unload some silverware, Daylen on the other hand...

As you can see she can reach the drawer to throw them in, but she can't put them in the right spot.

All finished with a nicely disorganized silverware drawer. So I guess it would be more accurate to say Daylen's job is putting the silverware in the right spots after Kate has unloaded them from the dishwasher.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Acts...

I know it's been awhile...sorry mom. Here are some pictures of the kids. Not much has been happening lately so here are some random acts of life in our home.

Daylen and Kate were running around the living room wrapped in their blankets one night before bed.

Our little cookie monster...she has a sweet tooth like her daddy.

Kate loves to be helpful. Daylen asked me to button his jammies for him so Kate immediately took the task upon herself to help him out.

Daylen came to me one day with his blanket draped over his head like this and said, "Look mom, I'm Mary!"

The other morning Brad went in to get Kate out of bed and found a little ballerina instead. Notice the crazy hair, I finally got Kate some ponytails of her own, she still just has a little tiny one on the top of her head. Some day she'll have hair...**sigh**

Hope you enjoyed a gimpse in to the every day life of our family.


Daylen likes to make faces for the camera.

Daylen has been so funny lately. Not always so much the things he says, but how he says them and his facial expressions while saying them. This kid has such an expressive face, I love it! Like this morning when I came into the kitchen and Daylen saw me for the first time and says all excitedly, "Hi mom! How are you this morning?" Or when Brad comes home from work and we sit down to eat dinner and Daylen asks, "So how was your day today?" or "What did you do at work today? Did you eat lunch?" He has been talking nonstop lately, too, he's a little motor mouth.