Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We are doing an electronic Christmas letter this year...enjoy!
Merry Christmas!
Jana and I have clung to a new favorite quote by Thomas S. Monson, “The future is as bright as your faith.”
This past year has been one of growth, laughter, challenge, and work … all good things, as long as our ambitions are anchored in the right place.
As expected, our children have occupied center stage in life. Daylen, our 3-year old son, has wowed us with his learning and curiosity and energy levels. He has fully embraced his role as a big brother, showing us many moments of brilliance and kindness towards our youngest, Kate. If only that was the case all the time … but so it goes.
Our 18-month-old, Kate, has completely captivated us with her growing personality. A typical day for her usually includes trailing Daylen, taking 1.5 naps, some random singing, making a mess, and then helping Jana clean it up.
Along with the busyness of raising children, Jana has taken great interest in building and utilizing our 1-year food supply. Also, as time permitted, she was able to enjoy several “must-read” books from an ever-growing list (one of her favorite pastimes).
I have felt more grateful than ever this year for good employment and for the challenge and opportunity to stay busy and stay involved.
In May, Jana and I took a more serious look at the down real estate market and put an offer on a home in Salem, UT (about 20 minutes from my work). After three months of weathering the bureaucracy of today’s lending, we moved into a home we love and will enjoy for years to come. One month later, we happily discovered that Jana is pregnant with our 3rd child, with a due date of May 11th, 2010.
It is humbling to ponder the blessings from our loving Heavenly Father, and especially to ponder His greatest gift, even Jesus Christ. We express our heartfelt love and best wishes to you and your families, and we hope this Christmas season graces you with an increased measure of peace and joy for the new year.
Brad, Jana, Daylen and Kate Gasaway


Cory and Kaylynn, Emily, Owen said...

Merry Christmas to you all!! We hope you had a great new year too! Congrats on the coming baby! I agree, family is the best way to spend Christmas-and you have great families!! We decided against sending letters too but we did because we felt repetitive..we moved again, kids are amazing and growing, Cory is in school, Kaylynn at home:) anyway, we are in Logan and we pass your place going to my parents so we should get together soon!!