Thursday, June 3, 2010


When Mandy and Ivan came to stay with us last month Daylen LOVED riding Ivan's little 2-wheeler bike. So a couple of weeks ago Brad found this bike at a yard sale for $2! The training wheels cost more the bike itself. Daylen calls it his "cool bike" and the neighbor kids have all picked it up from him and call it "Daylen's cool bike" as well. Now he can keep up a little better with the other kids and ride these hills a little easier.

(This picture is supposed to be with the barbaque below.)

Just a fun picture.

What's Memorial Day without a barbaque? We of course had to enjoy the beautiful weather we are finally having and invited Tyler, Rachel, and Austin over to enjoy some home barbaqued hamburgers, yum! We also made use of our deck finally and ate outside, I think it's about time for some deck furnature...

Kate and Daylen blew bubbles for us, Kate needs to work on her blowing technique as you can see, but this picture cracks me up, the crazy hair really adds to the effect.

Austin enjoyed being outside and entertained us with his contagious huge smile!

Kate mothering Brooks which she does as much as possible. Anytime she hears him start crying she comes running to help. "Oh no cry Brooks" or "no cry baby" are common phrases heard from her lips.


Becky said...

cute! love the pics. i feel like i'm a little more updated on your life now. it's been sooo long, huh?! let us know when you're ready for play dates again, I know for me it took a few weeks to get the schedule down. Not that the schedule is ever "down" :) but you know what I mean.

Jamie said...

That one of Kate blowing bubbles is hilarious! Fun pictures. :)

Rachel Hair said...

I'm so glad you posted the picture of Kate with her crazy hair blowing bubbles! That is definitely framing worthy.