Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday Boys!

My baby turned 1! I cannot believe it's been a year already. I wish I was a little better at celebrating my kids' birthdays. I'm going to have to be better because birthdays are now BIG deal for Daylen. He gets excited to celebrate anyone's birthday. I figure, with the first few, are they really going to remember it anyway? Why go to all the hard work and set such a high standard for myself. I know, I'm lazy. So when we got our tickets to see "Wicked" in Boise for May 5, yeah, it was AMAZING by the way, I figured we could celebrate with Benson! Benson's birthday was May 3 and Brooks' was May 8, 5 days apart these cute boys are. We made a cake and opened a couple presents and called it a party!

A little hesitant at first...

...then he just went for it!

Our miniature Nathan right here.

and he's still going for it.

Lily and Kate

Daylen and Nathan

"Thank you, Thank you."

Finishing what fell from his tray, gotta get every last piece!

Yes, his birthday present was a toothbrush. He doesn't know the difference, right? :)

Ooohhh, now that's cool. So maybe he did like Benson's present better.

We love our sweet Brooks. I am having a harder time letting him grow up, I know how fast it goes and I want to keep him little! I think it will still be awhile before he is walking, which will help me think of him as a baby still. He has been my "mama's boy" and is a little more attached than my other kids have been. He is even starting to say "mama" his first word! He loves to watch his older brother and sister play, especially when they play with him. He has a great smile and some day he will have hair. :)