Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My little girl is growing up! I've never seen anyone get so excited to eat carrots. She has never liked rice cereal, but she loves her vegetables!

Merry Christmas Kate! Kate's present actually came early cause we both needed it. It's the Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo, she is becoming quite the jumper.

We've had a very full week of Christmas, including our house. We were very lucky this year to not have to travel. My family came to us instead. Due to weather conditions and storms they left a couple of days earlier than originally planned to eat the storms. Their presence brought the number of people in our house to 17 the Sunday before Christmas. Aside from my own little family we had Brad's sister and her family (We took them to the airport Tuesday morning), my oldest sister and her family (they were just staying the night on their way to Mesquite, NV to spend Christmas with her husband's family), and then my parents and 2 youngest sisters. We had to move our table into the kitchen so we could use the nook area for sleeping quarters. It was insane, but fun to have so many people here. Needless to say my parents went and stayed at a motel that night, the only floor space left was on our bedroom floor.
Christmas Eve we held a little devotional, sang Christmas carols accompanied by my mom on piano, and Daylen and Kate got to open 1 present, which of course were Christmas PJ's from Grandma. Kate actually opened hers by herself and beat Daylen to it.

Grandpa giving Daylen a horsie ride.

Daylen and Kate in their Christmas PJs

I realized at the very end of opening presents Christmas morning that I hadn't been taking pictures! Ahh! However I did get a couple of Brad opening his present from me which he didn't know he was getting. He said on more than 1 occasion that this was the first year he knew EVERYTHING he was getting for Christmas. Hehehe, little did he know I had gotten something he has been wanting for a LONG time, but I kept putting it off saying we didn't need one, it was too expensive, bla bla bla. Well, I decided it was probably time that Brad get his wish granted, I gave in and got him a 120 gig ipod classic. It holds more memory than we will ever need stored, at least it sure seems that way now. He was in shock and loved it of course, though the picture doesn't really show his excitement, he's holding it all inside. Merry Christmas Brad!


Natalie said...

Fun Christmas. Its fun to be a mom and see all the excitement and joy. kate really is looking older!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Way to go with keeping the ipod a surprise!!! I am so bad at surprises... especially since I have a husband that gets all excited about Christmas presents and likes to guess all of his gifts ahead of time.

Hupp Family said...

What a great Christmas! I'm glad to hear that it was fun for you. Sometimes it's hard to stop, relax and have fun when your the hostess! Cute Jammies by the way. Did your Mom make them??