Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow Adventures

With all the snow storms we've had lately, Daylen has loved going out and playing in it.

Mandy, Lori, and Kara building a snow bear.

Ivan and Daylen giving the snow bear kisses.

Ivan relaxing in the snow.

Over Thanksgiving we inherited a 4-wheeler from Brad's brother, Randy, when he moved up the Alaska. We noticed our neighbors out pulling sleds behind their little mini ATVs and thought it looked fun. So Brad ran to the store to buy a sled and got the LAST one left! It was the perfect toddler sled for pulling behind a 4-wheeler. He and Bryson pulled Daylen and his cousins, Nathan and Lily on the sleds. Here is Brad pulling Daylen.
Brad and Daylen, and Bryson and Nathan coming up the street.

Lily and Nathan

I love this picture of Lily, she looks like she is trying to suppress a smile, but she is secretly LOVING this!
We had so much fun having family here for a week, off and on. Besides playing in the snow we ate lots of good food, shopped, watched movies, played lots of Bohnanza (our new favorite game), sang carols, bowled, and just enjoyed being together.


Ritchie Family Blog said...

We have Bohnanza too!.. Although we have never played any of the expansion packs! Sledding behind the four-wheelers looks fun! Lucky you to inherit one!