Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alaska-Part 2

We finally got to relax a bit on Sunday. Church wasn't until 1:00PM so we got to sleep in a bit. Brad's dad took my dad, Brad, and sister Lori to a place called Shipcreek where you can watch the Salmon run. There are a LOT of fish, I saw it last time we went, it's pretty cool, there is a waterfall the salmon actually jump/swim up.

Grandma Gasaway with the kids.

Grandma Goodwin with the kids.

After dinner we headed over to Flat Top, a famous mountain in Anchorage for it's flat top, imagine that. We just went to the look out spot where you can see the whole area. The actual hike came later in the week. It was super windy. You can tell better in the picture of my parents and sisters below.

Monday we did a few things around Anchorage like the Chocolate Factory (YUM), there is a huge chocolate waterfall inside. I just realized I don't have any of the pictures, my sister took a bunch of cute ones of Kate loving the mansized stuffed teddy bears they have. We also went to the Ulu factory, where all the famous Ulu knives are made, I brought one home to use with my cooking. We took the little trolley ride around downtown which Daylen thought was pretty cool.

Tuesday we hiked to the Russian River falls, and also to the river to watch some real Alaskan Fishing. (We didn't actually do any fishing ourselves this time, which I am ok with.) Kate had a nice ride, and Daylen ended up on my back for most of the 6 mile hike. I definitely got a good work out that day. A few of us also wore backpacks carrying guns seeing as we were in bear country. A part of me really wanted to see a bear in the wild this time, but at the same time I was glad we didn't actually have to USE the guns. The hike was beautiful, as were the falls.

Our moms!

Daylen "fishing" in the Russian River!

After the Falls we headed on to Seward to the Sea-Life Center. The kids really enjoyed it, Kate got very excited looking at all the fish, she kept pointing and "talking" at them. Unfortunately, it was POURING rain in seward and very foggy so we couldn't really enjoy the scenery there or see the boats. Lots of day cruises and fishing boats go out of Seward. They were having a flood watch while we were there. We were just glad it was a nice day earlier for our hike.


Janell said...

yep, I'm going to Alaska one day. It looks like so much fun!! I love that Daylen is always smiling. He must have loved being outside all day and being with all his grandparents!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

That is really fun that your family got to go this time too. Looks like they enjoyed Alaska as well. :) Wow... that does sound like a good workout with Daylen on your back most of the hike. You are crazy!!