Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alaska-Part 3

To finish off our fabulous trip to Alaska here a couple of georgous pictures of the Alaskan scenery.

Wednesday morning we decided to do a session at the Anchorage Temple, and low and behold in this small world, I saw someone I knew there! One of my best friends and roomates from college is from Palmer which is about 45 min north of Anchorage, anyways, her mom was working in the Temple that day! She helped us in the dressing room, AND helped me out later in our session! It was so fun to see her!

That afternoon we headed to Kinkaid Park for a round of frisbee golf. It was the most beautiful course I have ever played, not that I've played a whole lot of different courses, but is was so peaceful. There were a LOT of trees which was challenge, but you just felt like you were in your own little world. The park is over 100 acres, it has mountain biking trails, large open areas, lots of trees...we saw a big bull moose here the last time came, but not this time. No moose sitings as of yet on this trip.

This is throw number 2 on this hole for Brad.

And throw number 3 on the same hole. Like I said, the trees were a challenge.

Michael, Daren, and Landon.

Dave taking a turn.

Our frisbee golfing crew.

Thursday we went to Whittiar, a super small town, which includes exacltly 1 apartment building, and is only accessible through a 2 1/2 mile tunnel. Daylen LOVED the tunnel drive and talked about it the rest of the day, luckily we got to go through it again on the way back. We were hoping to hike up Whittiars Pass and see the great views from up there, but rain and fog foiled that idea. So instead we walked around a bit, went in a few shops, bought some yummy donuts, and met up with Heather and the boys at Portage Glacier to take that cruise.

Here we are in front of Portage Glacier, did you know that glaciers are blue? That's how you can tell if it is really a glacier or just snow. Blue with lots of crevasses, really cool looking.

On the way home we stopped at Potters Marsh to see some wildlife. We saw a couple of bald eagles and lots of fish. No moose. No bears.

Friday we headed north to Eklutna Lake and did some kayaking. My first time kayaking and it was really fun, kinda cold, but fun.

Saturday morning we decided to hike the infamous Flat Top mountain. It was our last chance since we were all leaving later that day. On the way to pick up Brad's brother, Chad, what did we FINALLY see? A MOOSE!! A mama and her 2 babies just walking down the street. So of course we had to pull over and watch them for a minute and take some pictures. They were literally RIGHT THERE. It always is like this, the very end of our trip we finally see a moose in the wild.

My batteries died after just a couple of pictures. Here we are at what is called the "saddle." After this point your just a hop, skip, and a jump from the top. Except that last jump you are pretty much just climbing up rocks, no trail. My mom made it to the top! And on our way down we passed Chad finishing the last part for the 2nd time helping his mom up to the top. So Karen made it all the way as well! Our moms are awesome!

We went to the zoo that afternoon to see our bears, then it was time to eat dinner and pack and be on our way. We love our visits to Alaska, we just wish we could make more often than every 3 years. We loved having both our families there (well, part of both of our families) and hope to make it back soon!


Emily said...

wow, Alaska is beautiful. That sounds like such a fun trip!!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Wow! Those first few pictures of the scenery are just beautiful!! I love the pictures of Kate... they are so cute! Kayaking sounds fun as well. Sounds like you all had a great time with all of the fun activities!