Thursday, April 8, 2010

Family Fun and Easter

Sorry Rach, I really didn't mean to leave Austin out. Here are a couple of pictures of my cute new nephew!

My family came to visit the week before Easter since it was their Spring break, unfortunately there wasn't much of "Spring" in the forecast. Jamie hopped in the suburban with her kids as they were driving through Cauldwell to join in on the fun. We had a fun filled week, Daylen and Kate loved playing with their cousins, Daylen and Nathen I think especially had fun despite the 2 1/2 year age difference. We all got worn out as you can see from grandpa and Kate.

Wednesday we went to Temple Square while my mom went to a training meeting with the General Relief Society Presidency. While she was in her meeting the rest of us took a tour of Temple Square, in the freezing cold and snow. After mom's meeting we all took a tour of the Conference Center. Fun day, but we all came down with colds after that, not so fun.

The kids had fun coloring easter eggs.

Since it looked like this outside, we had out easter egg hunt inside.

Luckily the kids didn't care where the hunt was held, they just had fun looking for eggs.

Can you tell no none really got ready this day?

Jamie and I had to take a pregnant picture together seeing as we are due a day apart. Our belly shapes are VERY different as you can see. We are 34 1/2 weeks in this picture.

The kids having fun with balloons.

Daylen and Kate had double fun as their cousin, Ivan, came to visit as well. Mandy and Tyrel stopped by for a short visit on their way back to Rexburg after living in Arizona while Tyrel did his student teaching. The snow was a rude awakening from their nice, warm weather! We, of course, had to have another easter egg hunt with Ivan.

Playing Kate's favorite game, "Ashes" as she calls it.

Thanks for the fun week, we love our family!


Rachel Hair said...

What? No pictures of Austin! I am crushed!

Jamie said...

He must have been sleeping, Rach. . . :)

Brown Family said...

check out my craft blog, cute idea for daye's room (car punch frame)