Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trip to Moab

We took a quick trip to Moab last weekend and spent some time with Brad's brother, Rhett, and his family. Rhett was running the 1/2 marathon and wanted Brad to join him. He was planning on it, but due to lack of training, as in none, he decided to run the 5 mile race instead. Good choice. It still amazes me that he can just go run 5 miles after not having run for 9 months. It took me a couple of months to work up to that much and I was still dying! Anyways, we got to stay in a really nice condo Rhett and Kristen had rented, share some fun times with them, something we don't get to do very often. Daylen and Kate had a blast playing with their cousins.

Brad after his race. He ran it in 38 minutes. Unfortunately, we missed seeing him cross the finish line. :(

The gang waiting for Rhett to finish.

The younger kids watching their "cool" older cousins, Ellie and Savanna, play hand games.

Savanna, Ellie, and Daylen,

Rhett finishing strong in 1 hour 38 minutes.


Keri said...

Wow, Brad is fast!!

Ashley Bogard said...

Good job Brad! And your belly looks so cute, bet you are getting anxious. You are getting so close!