Friday, October 22, 2010

Shout out to the Spanish Fork Library!

I just felt like telling you all how much I LOVE the Spanish Fork library. The children's section is AWESOME. I love that my kids love to go to the library, of course I'm sure the biggest reason is the super fun computer games they love to play.
Our library routine consists of first going down the elevator, (way cool for kids, and adults in my opinion) as soon as the door opens, booking it to the computer to play a couple of games, (as long as they are open) while the kids play a game I peruse the books checking to see if any of our favorites are there first, (ever read the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Williams? Definitely our favorites) after games we look for more books depending on time, sometimes we pick up literacy backpacks, like we did today, (so cute for the kids) then we go check out. Check out not only consists of checking our books out, but the kids get to pick a stamp for each hand, love it! After this has been accomplished we head back to the elevator (otherwise known as the "alligator" before Daylen could actually say "elevator") then we check out the DVD section upstairs. They have all kinds of movies, including new releases, and getting movies at the library is even better than Red Box, it's free and we get to keep it for a whole week. If we find any movies we are interested in we check those out and head on our merry way!

This is another reason I love the soon as we walked through the door today, Kate and Daylen plopped down on the floor, inspecting what cool treasures they could find in their literacy backpacks. Daylen picked one purposefully that had a puzzle in it, the kid LOVES puzzles. So of course Kate is getting in to puzzles now, so she ran and got her favorite one, Curious George and put it together as well. I loved just watching them do their thing, "read" their books and play with puzzles while I was doing my thing.

Brooks can be so contemplative and serious. He frequently examines his hands for lengthy periods of time, you think this could mean he may actually have somewhat of an attention span?

He also has a great smile when he's in the mood to share it with us. It's becoming somewhat more frequent. I've never had to work so hard to get my child to smile, Daylen and Kate smiled anytime anyone just looked at them! We still love him to pieces though, can't complain too much about this one!


Becky said...

hey! we have the same "schedule" at the SF library. :) Except we do DVD's upstairs first, then head down the stairs for the rest, then take the elevator up. :)

Norm and Jan said...

Such a beautiful family you have!! Nice that they love the library!

The Foxy Fam said...

AWESOME! This makes me want to get an account over there even more! :) You are such a cute little mom! I just love those cute kiddies of yours! :)

Sandy said...

Thanks for the update. Always love to see pictures of the kids and what they are doing. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks.
Grandma G