Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Declo

What? Never heard of Declo, Idaho? I can't imagine why not seeing as there is a whopping population of 338. It's right by Burley and this is where Brad's brother, Randy, lives with his family. We went over Conference weekend to visit and watch some of the boys play in their football and soccer games. Saturday we went from game to game. Football game at 8:00 am, soccer game at 10:00 am, another football game at 12:30 pm. My nephews are the stars of their perspective teams, seriously, it was so fun to watch them.

Here is Dustin playing soccer, it's a nice shot of his back huh? Go 27!

Brett and Tanner play on the same team, can't tell where they are in the picture, but they are the orange. Ya Declo!

Brett, Garret, and Tanner.
Randy coaches Garret's team and Brett and Tanner get to help play defense when they are short in numbers. So we got to watch all 3 play. Garret has money hands, this kid has a talent when it comes to sports. We'll see who wins out when he gets to be college age, BSU or BYU? I'm sure you can guess what my vote is.

We had blast spending time with Randy and Holly, Mandy and Ivan were able to come as well. After the games Mandy, Lori, (my sister, she hitched a ride with us as well) and I went to check out DI and we actually scored big. I have never had so much fun shopping at DI. I LOVE a good deal! My favorite was my American Eagle jacket for $6. Love it!