Monday, June 30, 2008


Brad and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this last Friday by going to the Tim McGraw concert at the Usana Ampitheater, and it was awesome!

We had so much fun, it was the best concert we have ever been to. I was a little nervous about leaving Kate so soon, but Rachel did great! She even let me borrow her cowboy hat for the special occasion, aren't sisters great?
Jason Aldean opened for Tim, and I'll admit I wasn't too excited for that part, the only song I knew he sang was one I didn't like. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! He actually has quite a few songs out on the radio and I like a lot of them, just not the one I kept hearing. He did an awesome job as well getting everyone hyped up for Tim.
Is it Tim McGraw or is it not Tim McGraw? A couple of times while Jason Aldean was singing we saw a huge crowd congragate to the left of the stage area and we could see a man in a black cowboy hat and shirt taking pictures with people and signing items. Everyone was saying, "It's Tim McGraw!" Well, the first time we saw this happen we were bummed we weren't down there, so the second time it happened we decided to hurry down to get a closer look and hopefully a picture. Well, getting a closer look told us, this was NOT Tim McGraw, it was a look alike! The funny thing was all these people thought it was Tim and were taking pictures with him, and by the look on his face he thinks it's a pretty funny joke. We were wondering if he travels with Tim to make a scene at all his concerts.
The REAL Tim McGraw is ripped, and he was wearing a WHITE shirt. He is such a great entertainer, it was so fun to dance and sing along with all his songs. He has so many good ones that it's impossible to sing them all, but he sang a lot of good ones. He also sang about 4 new songs that will be coming out on his next album they've been working on this past winter. **sigh** what a great night!

Here is my cute, little cowboy!


Emily said...

did you seriously have a baby like 3 weeks ago? You look great! I love Tim McGraw. That is so fun that you got to go!

Janell said...

You and Daylen both look good in a cowboy hat :) And I guess I could see how from far away people would mistake that guy for Tim McGraw. But up close? Nah...!!

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

So cute! I am jealous of Tim McGraw, we wanted to go, but being so close to my due date we didn't dare plan anything. Thanks for your cute comment, it keeps me going! Congrats on Brad's new calling, he will be awesome!

Tammy said...

YEAH! That looks like sooo much fun!! what a way to celebrate. I love it. We love Tim McGraw and wouldn't that be great to go see him!