Friday, June 27, 2008

ward party

We had our last party as a ward last night at the Spanish Fork Aquatic Center. A third ward will be made between our ward and the Spanish Fields ward who we split from last year. The turnout was great, we had dinner then swimming. Although the water was pretty cold Daylen LOVED it! We haven't done a whole lot of swimming, but I think we need to do more. Brad and Daylen did the swimming while I kept Kate dry. :)

Brad took Daylen down the slide with him intending to hold him up as he landed at the bottom to keep his head above water as you can see him beginning to do in this picture. After I took the picture and put the camera down I see Daylen floating face down in the water! Brad was also under water without a hold on Daylen. Luckily there was a lifeguard standing at the bottom in the water so he grabbed Daylen and pulled him out. It was only for a couple of seconds, but that was the scariest sight I think I have ever seen. He was just fine, Brad had lost his footing as he landed at the bottom and just couldn't keep a hold of Daylen. Daylen didn't even think anything of it, he wanted to go down the slide again! He was so cold by this point though, shivering uncontrolably, we decided it was probably time to go home. In his shivering voice, Daylen kept saying, "water, water, again, again, slide, water, again!"

So Brad and I had our 4th anniversary last week, on the 19th. We had been so caught up with having Kate that we both kind of forgot about it. Well, Brad, being the wonderful husband he is, brought me Bajio for lunch and a card. In the card he asked me if I would be his date for the TIM McGRAW CONCERT next week! Which is tonight! Uh, YAH! So we are going to Tim McGraw tonight and I am so excited! Rachel is kind enough to babysit for us. I had to make sure Kate would take a bottle, which she did readily, so now I'm just trying to pump enough for her while we are gone, plus feed her and keep her satisfied. It's been a bit of a challenge today.


Jamie said...

What a waterboy! I hope Rachel has a good experience tonight. :) Have fun at the concert!

The Chizel Family said...

how fun! your awesome that you can leave already, go super mom!

Kylee Brown said...

that picture of them going down the slide is hilarious!!!